Scientific Visualization

Quantity sometimes is more important than quality.
Lightflow's Global Illumination Engine is the first computer graphics program to merge the two: previous systems were only spartan and heuristic imitations of reality, which produced beautiful but inconsistent images, or partial solutions to the diffuse interreflection equations, which produced realistic results, but worked only in very rare contexts.
The Lightflow Rendering Interface provides a unique environment for all of the most significant lighting phenomena: an innovative technology allows a fast computation of the radiative energy transfer among the surfaces, without losing image quality in the final renderings and without making the user specify complex lighting parameters implicit in the scenes.

Lightflow's Global Illumination Engine is capable of computing both caustics due to specular reflection and radiosity solutions in a few minutes, even with scenes containing hundreds of area-lights, thus bringing scientific accuracy into the world of desktop computing.
These results are obtained through the proprietary Multiway Light Channels that, unlike previous systems based on a monolithic structure, split the complex problem of light transport in many simpler parts, each treated with ad hoc algorithms. This always ensures maximal efficiency and perfect quality.

All the images present in this document were created and rendered with the Lightflow Rendering Tools by Jacopo Pantaleoni, and they can be redistributed only with the following copyright notice:
Rendered with the Lightflow Rendering Tools.
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