May 2000

Lightflow Rendering Tools

The Lightflow Rendering Tools are the official implementation of the Lightflow Rendering Interface that was used to render all the images present on this site. They provide direct access to all the functionalities described in these pages and they give you a fast and stable multithreaded renderer both on Linux and Windows NT.

At least for now however, the Lightflow Rendering Tools will not be published as a stand-alone commercial product, since they are meant to be a pure developing project.

Lightflow Rendering Tools
Python Module

A free trial application using the Lightflow Rendering Tools is now available under the form of a powerful Python module.
This extension to the Python language, available both for Linux and Windows NT platforms, gives a fast and easy access to Lightflow, allowing to create almost all of the images you may admire in these pages...

See the News section for more details on the latest available version!

Embedded Lightflow

Professional use of Lightflow's technology will be provided by Embedded Lightflow.
The main problem of pure rendering interfaces has always been accessibility. The fact that the real rendering engine is accessible through abstract programming only is a clear limit to its use and spreading.

The Elf project is born to solve this problem by constructing solid bridges between Lightflow and the most popular modeling and animation platforms in use.

The solution takes the form of a variety of plugins that will take advantage of the modular architectures that are provided by the most modern three-dimensional applications. All these plugins will provide the Lightflow Rendering Interface aids in a transparent way, by integrating the new tools in the native host's interface.

Lightflow Technologies will directly take care of the development of the plugins for Alias|Wavefront's Maya and Autodesk's 3D Studio MAX (which are already under construction), but it is open to any external cooperation for the support of different softwares.

If you are interested in this project please send an email with subject: Elf Project.

Created with Maya Elf

Maya is a trademark of Alias|Wavefront.
3D Studio MAX is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc.
All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

All the images present in this document were created and rendered with the Lightflow Rendering Tools by Jacopo Pantaleoni, and they can be redistributed only with the following copyright notice:
Rendered with the Lightflow Rendering Tools.
Copyright 1998-2000, by Jacopo Pantaleoni. All rights reserved.