Photorealistic Imagery

The Lightflow Rendering Interface brings a new quality level in the field of photorealistic image synthesis.

An impressive variety of tools such as volumetric rendering, radiosity, real displacement mapping and advanced procedural patterns guarantees the ability to transform even very simple scenes into astonishing images.

This means that the level of detail of an image may be drastically improved by the simple use of flexible shading constructs, without even altering the underlying geometric models.

This page shows a good example of Lightflow's pure power: the two oceanic scenes contain the same models, a ground plane and a sky sphere, but they are endowed with incredibly different appereances by the accurate use of different multifractal patterns for the ocean waves and different shading parameters for the volumetric clouds. Only five minutes of fine tuning were necessary to change the look of the two images...

This power obviously makes Lightflow the program of choice for high quality cinematographic productions and broadcast animations, which require an unequaled level of realism to make the observer feel what he sees, and that, at the same time, must respect strong timing constraints to mantain low the production costs.

All the images present in this document were created and rendered with the Lightflow Rendering Tools by Jacopo Pantaleoni, and they can be redistributed only with the following copyright notice:
Rendered with the Lightflow Rendering Tools.
Copyright 1998-2000, by Jacopo Pantaleoni. All rights reserved.