Who am I ?

I am Jacopo Pantaleoni, my age is 21, and I live in Italy, where I study Mathematics at the University of Padova.
I am interested in the field of Computer Graphics since I was 13, and I have become an active developer about three years later, when my brother, expert of computer languages (see, taught me how to program.
I have always been fascinated by the world of science and mathematics, but my mind focused on the latter only two years ago, when I choosed to investigate this incredible field to join the needs of my already formed interest in synthetic rendering.
My intention was to acquire a deeper knowledge of the concepts that I already used in my very first rendering and modeling applications with the constant help of my brother. Now that these concepts are clear enough, I am starting to appreciate mathematics as a "stand-alone program", which is becoming my main source of pleasure after Lightflow.
My preferred research fields are:

  • Computational Geometry, including :
    • Multi Dimensional Search Structures
    • Spatial Caching Schemes
    • Algebraic Variaties
    • Voronoi Diagrams

  • Real Analysis, including :
    • Function Approximation
    • Wavelets
    • Differential Equations

  • Topology

However, as I said previously, my main interests are growing around Lightflow, which took me five years of intense development. This software is born to satisfy my personal needs, providing all those functionalities that the other commercial and free programs did not ever grouped into one coherent solution.
With the time passing, I have started to treat Lightflow as a pure development platform, a testbed for those futuristic features that once were exclusive domain of the supercomputing world, such as global illumination, volumetric rendering and hypertextures.
Recently this project has become a solid reality, next to the pubblication of an article of mine on Computer Gazette, the most popular computer graphics magazine in Italy, and next to the interest of Darkside, an authorized Alias|Wavefront training center...

And now, The Show Must Go On...

Straight Lines in a Projective Space

All the images present in this document were created and rendered with the Lightflow Rendering Tools by Jacopo Pantaleoni, and they can be redistributed only with the following copyright notice:
Rendered with the Lightflow Rendering Tools.
Copyright 1998-2000, by Jacopo Pantaleoni. All rights reserved.