Lightflow Rendering Tools
Client Side API - Python Module

Now you may actually download the package containing the Client Side API and the Python Module, since you have accepted the licenses.
You may choose among the Linux and the Windows 9x / NT versions*:

Linux Debian 2.1 slink Version (1581 Kb)
Linux RedHat 6.1 Version (1608 Kb)
Windows Version (1501 Kb)

If you are using Windows, and you do not have Python yet, you'll have to download also this:

Python 1.51 for Windows (2283 Kb)

If you have decided to download the software, and you want to receive information about updates, please send me an email with subject Lightflow Updates:

send email

* Note that the Windows version is almost 2 times slower than the Linux one. This difference is due both to the degree of optimization of the relative compilers (respectively Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and GNU C/C++) and to the greater global efficiency of the Linux Operating System.

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Rendered with the Lightflow Rendering Tools.
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